October 17: The ask box is currently closed.

Hello fellow shippers. This is where you can submit (via!ask) your confessions about who you ship, who you don't ship, who is your guilty ship anonymously. Please keep in mind this is a confession blog not a converting blog. Let's keep the bashing to a minimum; please and thank you.

All confessions are done by the owners since that way we can control how the graphic and font appear on the confessions itself. Majority of the graphics are done by the talented artists of DeviantART, google searches, fansites and screencaps (A gif is thrown in here and there).

Confessions may take days to come up, please be patient. If you haven't noticed, there are a LOT of tumblr users, so at least half are submitting things as well.

x. Harry Potter Confessions


George and Luna will always be my OTP.

George and Luna will always be my OTP.

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